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Travis County VDR Outreach Campaigns

From June, 2019, until December, 2020, Andi Phillips worked as a Graphic Designer for the

Travis County Voter Registration Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR) Outreach Program.

There are four campaigns in particular that Phillips worked on.


The most recent was the TCVR Voter Registration Committees. The purpose of this campaign is to train and guide VDRs on registering specific demographics to vote. Not only did Phillips design the graphics, they also helped develop the programs.

Next was "Text2Register," a social media campaign in which Travis County created a system in which people could register to vote via Text.

And there was "Come Together, Vote Together," A Social Media Campaign in which Travis County Voter Registration promoted Voting and Unity, in light of the divisive 2020 Presidential Election.

And finally there was a Campaign to advertise Ballot by Mail, in which Phillips made a series of posters promoting Ballot by Mail, specifically in light of Covid-19.

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